Charting the path
for those who lead
the change

We help companies evolve toward a higher goal. Because the future belongs to those who create a positive impact on society and on the planet.

It seems impossible until you create it

Every product, service, process or space we help redesign, each of our projects must have a positive impact on the world. We also want it to become an example to follow. It often happens.

New Zordan headquarters: a balance of innovative architectural choices and company tradition

The design choices adopted for the new Zordan headquarters are aimed at setting up a building organism that interprets the functional needs and at the same time transmits to the local community the iconic value of the Zordan family’s entrepreneurial tradition in the Valdagno area. A museum at the entrance tells visitors over 50 years of company history and makes employees participate every day in the long tradition.

Co-evolution in the supply chain

An innovative model for Geox

Croqqer, the platform to find local help and rediscover the value of the community

Croqqer’s vision is to become one of the main players in the dissemination of a new paradigm of “work” that is more human, fluid, flexible, enjoyable, accessible and socially regenerating, contributing to the creation of social and economic value

Who sets the example

Evolving is choice available to everyone. Nativa collaborates with people and companies which, with the strongest determination, decide to do so.

Evolution is always good news

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