Charting the path
for those who lead
the change

We help companies evolve toward a higher goal. Because the future belongs to those who create a positive impact on society and on the planet.

Sembra impossibile, finché non lo crei

Ogni prodotto, servizio, processo, spazio che contribuiamo a ridisegnare, ogni nostro progetto, deve avere un impatto positivo sul mondo. Noi vogliamo anche che diventi un esempio da seguire. Spesso accade.

The new retail challenge

Adoption of the best green building practices in shop fitting represents the new challenge that Italian brands such as Gianni Versace, KIKO and OVS have undertaken with the objective of meeting the commitments taken in terms of impact on the environment and on people.

Croqqer, the platform to find local help and rediscover the value of the community

Croqqer’s vision is to become one of the main players in the dissemination of a new paradigm of “work” that is more human, fluid, flexible, enjoyable, accessible and socially regenerating, contributing to the creation of social and economic value

Geox NEW:DO™ Collection: designed with the Geox Design Tool

NEW:DO™ Collection is the new Geox footwear line inspired by the principles of sustainable innovation stemming from the collaboration with Nativa. A new footwear concept in which every material is selected to minimise its overall impact and the design is reviewed to achieve maximum simplicity and limit the use of resources. NEW:DO™ Collection, a new way of doing things.

Chi dà l’esempio

Evolvere è una scelta alla portata di tutti. Nativa collabora con le persone e le aziende che con la più forte determinazione decidono di farlo.

L'evoluzione è sempre una buona notizia