Charting the path
for those who lead
the change

We help companies evolve toward a higher goal. Because the future belongs to those who create a positive impact on society and on the planet.

We chart the path for regeneration

Every product, service, process or space we help redesign, each of our projects must have a positive impact on the world. We also want it to become an example to follow. It often happens.

Widespread impact with olive oil producers

The Fratelli Carli District represents one of the best international examples of mobilising a Supply Chain. Through the Code of Goodness, a document written by 30 authors, the entire chain was seriously and thoroughly involved. The goal is to strive to implement the model of the Regenerative Company that innovates to maximise the positive impact on employees, the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Getting ahead: OVS narrates its sustainable innovation process

By anticipating the legal requirement by one year, OVS, accompanied by Nativa, drafted its first sustainability report, A better future for all, transforming the regulatory obligation into a tool to collect and share intermediate progress and an opportunity to communicate and enhance company reputation.

Geox NEW:DO™ Collection: designed with the Geox Design Tool

NEW:DO™ Collection is the new Geox footwear line inspired by the principles of sustainable innovation stemming from the collaboration with Nativa. A new footwear concept in which every material is selected to minimise its overall impact and the design is reviewed to achieve maximum simplicity and limit the use of resources. NEW:DO™ Collection, a new way of doing things.

Who sets the example

Evolving is choice available to everyone. Nativa collaborates with people and companies which, with the strongest determination, decide to do so.

Evolution is always good news