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‘Un’Impresa Possibile,’ the new book by our founders Paolo Di Cesare and Eric Ezechieli on transitioning the business world to more sustainable and regenerative models, is available online and in bookstores.


Ten thousand years ago, with the invention of agriculture, the human species began its inexorable competition with all other species. The process has intensified exponentially with the acceleration of technology and the invention of modern enterprise, which has always given special attention to profit without, however, checking and considering the corresponding impoverishment of environmental and social systems and the bill that future generations will have to pay.

Today this paradigm can no longer work: an economic system that extracts value unlimitedly from the context in which it operates is doomed to self-destruction

So how will companies survive and thrive in the coming years?

The environmental and social crises of recent years suggest an answer: acting with a view to sustainability, considering it as an integral part of one’s actions, is crucial to ensuring the survival of one’s business.

The new book by Paolo Di Cesare and Eric Ezechieli provides an understanding of what is happening globally, what the issues and tensions surrounding the topic of sustainability are, and how companies can begin and improve their journey toward an inevitable evolution, in part thanks to the B Corp and Benefit Company tools used by thousands of companies around the world.

Learn more and purchase the book at: https://abocaedizioni.it/libri/unimpresa-possibile-paolo-di-cesare-eric-ezechieli/

Sustainability is not a fad, a marketing tool or an activity outside a company’s core business. It is a matter of survival.Paolo Di Cesare ed Eric Ezechieli-founder NATIVA




Paolo Di Cesare- co founder NATIVA
"Sustainability is not a fad, a marketing tool or an activity outside a company's core business. It is a matter of survival."
Eric Ezechieli- co founder NATIVA