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Leonardo Ghiraldini joins Nativa to promote sustainability in the world of sport

The former captain of the Italian National Rugby Team joins the Regenerative Design Company to contribute to the diffusion of sustainable paradigms in the sports and large events system.


After 107 international matches played with the Italian National Rugby team with which he wore the captain’s armband 17 times and as a professional athlete in Italy, France and England, Leonardo Ghiraldini joins Nativa with the aim of spreading the most advanced expressions of sustainability in the world of sport and thus contributing to make it a driving force of social and environmental transition in the coming decades.

In fact, it is now clear that the current social and environmental crises require a collective effort not only to stem the emergency but also to actively build a world where the welfare of people and the planet is at the center of all daily choices; today consumers, institutions and businesses are increasingly called upon to take action to help solve the major challenges of our time.

Sport, thanks to its ability to involve millions of people and fans, can play a key role in accelerating change. A phenomenon that will be favored by the natural alignment between the values and ideals of sport and the principles of sustainability, including the creation of value for communities, the welfare of people, the enhancement of diversity and respect for the environment.

The Ghiraldini-Nativa binomial wants to reinforce this aspect even more. The player, who after 20 years has ended his professional career in 2021, now joins the Nativa team as an Evolution Guide, offering his experience and deep knowledge of sports organizations and major events. Leonardo will provide the models developed by Nativa to clubs, federations, companies, which have already been tested by hundreds of international organizations. He will contribute to realize sustainable evolution plans with a particular focus on the sport system.

Each person and each athlete, as well as the entire ecosystem of which it is part, leaves a mark on the world, but it is his actions that determine whether this sign will be positive or negative. One of the priorities of the sports world today must be to evolve, without going backwards, in other words, “Leave the jersey in a better place.” Today, sport can embrace a new sustainable direction, multiplying its positive impact and stimulating an increasingly necessary transition.Leonardo Ghiraldini

We are in front of the biggest wave of innovation ever experienced and the world of sport is expected to play its part by accelerating the transition with its ability to involve millions of people. With Leonardo, we will bring the models used by thousands of companies around the world into sports clubs and federations to help them compete not just to be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world.Paolo Di Cesare

With Leonardo we found an immediate syntony: the essence of rugby, of which Leonardo has been a protagonist for decades, is founded on the principle of legacy, that is, the contribution that each person can make towards a higher common goal. This is also a fundamental principle that guides Nativa, the companies and the leader we partner with in creating a sustainable future.Eric Ezechieli