Widespread impact with olive oil producers

The Fratelli Carli District represents one of the best international examples of mobilising a Supply Chain. Through the Code of Goodness, a document written by 30 authors, the entire chain was seriously and thoroughly involved. The goal is to strive to implement the model of the Regenerative Company that innovates to maximise the positive impact on employees, the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Innovation cannot stop at the company gates. We have always wondered how to scale impact exponentially, involving all the stakeholders of companies, starting with the suppliers. We represent this concept with a cloud: a system of interconnected players that grows in quality, service level and sustainability only if everyone has the opportunity to grow through continuous improvement and mutual learning processes.

With this philosophy, the Fratelli Carli District of Goodness came about, consisting of more than 30 companies that share the tools designed by Nativa to analyze and improve the sustainability profile of the company’s products and business practices. In 2016, the District undertook to amplify its positive impact and accelerate a transition towards a sustainable and responsible company. This shared goal makes the interrelationships between all the players in the District ever closer and more virtuous and allows innovation opportunities to be seized.

“The innovation actions for sustainability we are implementing would not have been effective if they had stopped at the boundaries of our plant; that is why the role of our suppliers is fundamental and we involve them in Districts to promote a continuous exchange of virtuous practices.  The first suppliers to be involved were the more than 200 of our small olive oil producers. We worked with them to improve resource utilisation, the cultivation and processing phases, the social aspects and the impact on the local area. The result of this work is today the most complete database in the world on sustainability in the olive oil industry, something which makes us particularly proud. We then extended this approach to our more than 40 food and component suppliers, to the 25 suppliers of cosmetic products and to the more than 140 delivery carriers, and in 2016 we further enhanced the role of the Fratelli Carli Districts in leading the change”Claudia Carli, Communications Director