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#Unlock The Change

Together we can come out better than before, working for the good of people and the planet. That’s what B Corps do, companies that follow a new idea of business: responsible, sustainable, transparent. Help us to #UnlockTheChange.

In response to the health crisis that has almost brought us to our knees, we at Nativa have chosen to promote, together with the community of other B Corp companies, the #UnlockTheChange campaign.

A project created to raise awareness among companies and citizens on the need for a paradigm shift, towards a new economic model that goes beyond profit and that also considers the positive impact of a company on people, the environment and all stakeholders.

Precisely these are the values at the base of B Corp: the awareness of how strong are the bonds of interdependence and the need to work together to be more resilient and ready to face the next challenges.

Find out how, together with other B Corporations, we want to rise together and open the doors to a new business idea: https://unlockthechange.it/