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TIM: Noovle becomes a Società Benefit (Benefit Corporation) for sustainable development

The company, a center of excellence for the Group’s Cloud and Edge computing solutions, has expanded its corporate purpose to operate in an increasingly sustainable and transparent manner with respect to the reference ecosystem.

On 29 July 2021 Noovle, cloud company of the TIM Group, became the first company of the Group to have expanded its corporate purpose and to become a Società Benefit (Benefit Corporation). A model that identifies those companies that in addition to profit pursue specific purposes of common benefit, has the aim of generating value for citizens, businesses and productive realities of the country

The process has been accompanied by Nativa, which has supported Noovle in the identification of the aims most in line with its purpose and has included these within the company’s vocation in its articles of association.

Noovle’s new commitment focuses on its impact on the environment and people: a progressive evolution of its business and operating model towards a zero-emission economy and the spread of a culture of sustainability as an element of intergenerational integration among its people and the creation of a fair and inclusive working environment.

An important choice, considering that becoming a Società Benefit (Benefit Corporation) is a commitment: Noovle has increased its level of transparency and will now have the obligation to prepare an annual report documenting the pursuit of positive impact and defining actions on a yearly basis.

Concrete actions toward sustainable innovation don’t start here. Noovle Data Centers are already designed and built according to eco-sustainability criteria, certified according to international standards (LEED Gold), which are provided for the efficient use of space, reduced energy consumption and particular attention to the materials used.

At the same time, Noovle pays particular attention to the adoption of circular economy models for the regeneration of servers and equipment in order to increase their useful life. In addition, these infrastructures increasingly use energy from renewable sources in line with the energy policy adopted by the TIM Group.

The commitment that Noovle associates with this paradigm shift represents the natural evolution of a company founded on solid values, starting with respect for people and the environment that surrounds us. By becoming a charitable company, we are also responding to the dual need to create a sustainable digital society and a more equitable and inclusive professional environment. We are convinced that, thanks to this path, initiatives will be created that will generate social and environmental value.Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, CEO of Noovle

Technology is an extraordinary multiplier factor and for this reason it is essential that it is linked to solid models guided by positive principles and objectives. Noovle has decided to use its technology push to serve, in the expression of their digital potential, its customers, who will benefit from this commitment when they in turn choose to integrate greater awareness throughout the value chain.Paolo Di Cesare, co-founder of Nativa