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The Geox company restaurant: designed for well-being

Nativa accompanies companies in innovation processes guided by sustainability principles that strategically involve all areas of activity. In the construction sector, the quality of environments and the positive impact on people are at the centre of evolution strategies.

For Geox, the program involved the new company restaurant at the headquarters in Montebelluna. Not just a simple, well-constructed building, but an efficient system attentive to the well-being of its users. The restaurant is characterised by optimal performance in terms of energy and water efficiency, offering the best interior comfort, attention to quality of the menus offered and to the lifestyle of the staff employed and fosters the use of bicycles or shared means of transport.

Defining the sustainability profile also defined the choice of location, the assessment of the local community and the people who would use the space, all according to the green building guidelines to introduce sustainability features. The quality of the interior air was improved by adopting the best filters and by introducing sensors to measure humidity, temperature and the presence of carbon dioxide in the food distribution areas, able to signal to the central system the ventilation requirements in real time. The glues, silicones and paints used were chosen with a low level of toxic substance emissions.

Thanks to these interventions, the new Geox company restaurant will be the first in Italy to achieve LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification.