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Our activism for grassroots impact

The human species (including us), imprints a footprint on Planet Earth, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.

Most of the time this impact is generated in an unconscious and distracted way, with devastating consequences on our social and natural systems.

To this, Nativa responds with a handprint, an intentional positive impact that represents the practical application of the values and principles in which we believe.

For this reason, on October 8, we chose to take care of the places we frequent, cleaning up garbage and  waste and setting an example to those who pass by. The result was the collection of 50 bags of waste between Rome, Milan, Verona and Bologna: an opportunity to create a positive impact in the places where we live and work but also a way to remind ourselves how much there is still to do and remain humble in our work towards the system change we want to achieve. Keep following us to know when the next appointment will be and join us!