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Nüborn: the union to give a voice to the future

Nativa and Arkage working together to improve the positive impact of companies through communication, as a fundamental tool to accelerate the transition.


In Italy and around the world, sustainability is increasingly directing consumer choices and influencing the value of brands. Making it an integral part of their business model and knowing how to communicate it is essential. 

For this reason, from the union between Nativa and Arkage – communication agency and B Corp – Nüborn was born, an evolution studio that helps companies to enhance the positive impact of their actions with values-based communication projects, addressed to different types of stakeholders: public, employees, investors and media.

Nativa’s objective is to accompany companies towards a radical transformation of traditional economic and cultural paradigms, designing actions that have a positive impact on the biosphere and society. At the same time, Arkage, promotes the social and environmental impact of its activities and its communication projects, always favoring the use of positive messages. Nüborn was born from two perfectly integrated visions and from the idea that communication is a fundamental part of the transition towards a regenerative business, an essential tool through which companies can maximize their positive impact on the planet, people and society.

Nüborn’s approach is integrated: impact communication takes into account the values, the timing and the potential of each company’s journey and allows the purpose of the company to meet the public that seeks values similar to its own. A distinctive element is the EBS (Elevate the Brand through Sustainability) method, which helps companies identify and communicate their purpose through a sustainability sweet spot that identifies the positioning of the brand according to its authority (present and future), the expectations (and values) of the public and the path of sustainable innovation that the company is moving towards.

For two consecutive years, Nüborn has participated in the #UnlockTheChange campaign, the first national campaign of the Italian B Corp movement, planned on print, outdoor advertising (buses, billboards etc) anddigital.

While facing  the crisis caused by the pandemic, the Italian B Corp movement was looking for a way to enter the conversation and bring attention back to the issues of positive and regenerative economics. That’s how the #UnlockTheChange campaign was born to bring citizens and businesses together with a common goal: to accelerate positive change with concrete actions, on topics such as climate change, gender equality and education.

An important project, named after the campaign of the same name, is the Italian B Corps podcast, online from March 2022. 

“Unlock The Change” tells the stories of companies that have chosen to evolve towards sustainability, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. From product to supply chain, packaging to farming techniques – in each episode, a different B Corp company shares their story, practical details and lessons learned. 

Each episode reveals more about the different  B Corps out there and shows how business can generate a positive impact on the environment and society, going beyond profit alone, the goal that has always distinguished B Corp companies.

A winning collaboration, given the experience of the two companies in their respective fields of sustainability and communication and the common values such as those of interdependence and the generation of positive impact also typical of all B Corp companies.


For two years, Nüborn participated in the #UnlockTheChange campaign, the first national campaign of the Italian B Corp movement, planned for print, outdoor, digital.