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Nativa and MIP launch a program on regenerative models and B Corp

The severity of the ongoing sustainability crisis confronts us with the imperative of a transition to ‘regenerative’ economic models, i.e. those that create significant value and positive impact not only for shareholders but also for all other stakeholders. All companies in the coming years will be called to transform and embrace a culture in which they will be measured not only by their economic results, but also by their ability to generate a positive impact in society.

For this reason Nativa, Regenerative Innovation Company and MIP, the business school of Politecnico di Milano, launch the Professional Program – THE B CORP MODEL: LEADERSHIP FOR REGENERATIVE BUSINESS, aimed at sustainability experts, managers, freelancers and entrepreneurs interested in better understanding the dynamics of sustainability in progress and the tools for measuring the socio-environmental impacts of business among the most advanced in the world.

During the course will be deepened tools and models such as Benefit Corporation and B Corp – companies with dual purpose that measure their sustainability performance according to one of the most popular standards in the world, the B Impact Assessment (BIA). An opportunity to acquire the basic skills to drive change within companies and make them capable of facing the biggest challenges of the 21st century. 

The course, which lasts  16 hours, will take place between November and December 2021, online. 

For more information, download the brochure or write to [email protected]