Getting ahead: OVS narrates its sustainable innovation process

With the slow and discontinuous progress typical of bureaucracy, now also Italian law finally recognises the need to accompany the financial statements with a sustainability report for all large companies. We believe that it is fundamental in this phase to ensure this becomes a moment of true sharing and transparency and not an additional formal requirement. The risk is that the Sustainability Report is addressed by companies by applying a compliance approach of accounting derivation. The result, regardless of the attention to design and graphics, is usually of little use from the point of view of the development of skills and innovation ability and equally ineffective as a communication tool.

“We decided to publish this our first report to help raise awareness and promote a culture of sustainability, both internally as well as externally.”Stefano Beraldo – CEO OVS SpA

Addressing the Reporting issue with a strategic approach, on the other hand, allows the report to be transformed from pure regulatory compliance into a catalyst of the company transformation process itself. For this reason, with OVS we drafted the first sustainability report that clearly narrates the path taken and the challenges being faced with the #wecare program to further amplify its impact. Because: The future will be beautiful and accessible to all. Like OVS fashion.