Enel assesses itself with the B Corp model

With the new “Open Power” strategy, launched in 2016, Enel is engaged in resolving some of the greatest challenges of our world. During 2016, in collaboration with Nativa, Enel assessed itself using the B Impact Assessment (BIA) tool, to measure itself against the most innovative experiences.

“With the new mission, Enel is committed to solving some of the greatest challenges of our world, in line with the principles of change promoted by B Corp.” Enel Sustainability Report 2016

The project allowed Enel analysis and evaluation models to be integrated with those of B Corps, and allowed Enel to obtain a comprehensive view of the impact of the organisation and its initiatives. The comparison of Enel’s performance with the B Corp best practice benchmark has already enabled the identification of some areas of improvement, which have been incorporated in the 2016 Sustainability Report or which will be included in future processes of the sustainability plan.