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We are thrilled to announce that during the B for Good Leaders Summit 2024 in Amsterdam we launched the first international chapter of CO2alition, the italian-born working and sharing platform for companies that have integrated a commitment to climate neutrality in their bylaws. Together with Lean Lawyers, CO2alition Netherlands aims to involve more and more companies from the Netherlands to join the community by:

    • integrating a commitment to climate neutrality in their bylaws;

    • transparently reporting every year on the progress and actions set in motion to achieve this objective;

    • actively participating in the program that will allow companies to share best practices, knowledge and to work together towards a common solution to the climate crisis.

We aim to scale this initiative at global level through a lean model which can be applied across countries by local partners to promote a common response to a global challenge as we believe that only by working together across borders can we address it successfully.

As for the Italian chapter, CO2alition Netherlands will develop a programme to support companies in the evolution of their business model towards climate neutrality through the sharing of knowledge, best practices and the development of innovative solutions.

if you are interested in joining CO2alition Netherlands, check the webpage.

if you want to launch a local chapter in your country, please write to [email protected]