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B Corp Champions Retreat – Italy among global leaders

In Toronto, October 4th and 5th, over 600 B Corps from all over the world came together. Why Toronto? The city boasts a population from many different origins and its inhabitants speak over 140 languages. Diversity and inclusion is a strength of the city. Which is why it was no surprise that B Lab chose this place to host the  “Global Champion Retreat – Interdependence” . In fact, the first five people up on stage to share their stories of change were all women.

All attendees and B Corp businesses had in common themes of inclusion, interdependence, and big social and environmental global challenges. In particular there was a shared will to be active protagonists in creating change and the future that we desire. Ambitious objectives, which we may not be able to reach alone, are more reachable together. We haven’t developed answers for some, but we can continue to ask ourselves the questions, get out of our comfort zone, and face new challenges individually and collectively. To address the “inclusion challenge” launched last year by B Lab, 175 businesses from 15 different countries participated, setting 684 objectives of inclusion, of which 40% have already been reached.

We as Nativa had the honor of passing on the final prize of “Most Valuable Player” that we won last year as a recognition of the work to promote the movement in Italy, which has become the fastest growing B Corp community in the world, and the first nation outside the United States to recognize the benefit corp legal status.