Croqqer, the platform to find local help and rediscover the value of the community

Croqqer’s vision is to become one of the main players in the dissemination of a new paradigm of “work” that is more human, fluid, flexible, enjoyable, accessible and socially regenerating, contributing to the creation of social and economic value






Nativa develops new Benefit Units that ‘by design’ aim to regenerate man and the biosphere.

Work has a primary social value. But work in the future will mean something completely different from what we know today. Current models, on which the creation a new employment depends, are not designed to cope with the impact of robotisation and artificial intelligence, which in rich countries it is estimated will eliminate 30-50% of current jobs by 2025. We believe it is necessary to develop a new culture, models and tools that will re-invent the concept of work and contribute to a future of widespread prosperity, security and social harmony.

In this direction, Nativa has created Croqqer, a platform that facilitates the encounter and exchange of people’s needs and the possibility of meeting them in a practical and safe way. Croqqer’s vision is to become one of the main players in the dissemination of a new “work” paradigm that is more flexible, enjoyable and socially regenerating.

Croqqer is a community of people who, through the App, share their time and talent, to find a valuable help to meet their daily needs, voluntarily, against payment or through an exchange of services (video). Croqqer meets everyone’s needs; anyone can join the Croqqer community to publish a request (e.g. moving, English lessons, babysitting, etc.) or apply to do a job, earn money and be useful. Each connection becomes an opportunity to get to know people in the area, creating shared social and economic value by multiplying opportunities for exchange and interaction in local communities.

Croqqer’s motto is: “Technology Connects, Humanity Unites”: technology helps people connect, but human relationships are the glue and must be multiplied to regenerate trust and cohesion among people. And of course, Croqqer is a Benefit Corporation.