Nativa for B Corps

Nativa is one of the founding companies of the movement in Europe, the first B Corp in Italy and Italian partner of B Lab. It collaborated with the Senate for the introduction of the Benefit Corporation law. Nativa is committed to promoting the movement and accompanying interested companies in their positive impact assessment process.

What is a B Corp

A Certified B Corporation or B Corp is a new type of business that voluntarily respects the highest standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency. B Corps stand out on the market from all other companies. They go beyond seeking profit to innovate to maximise their positive impact on employees, communities and the environment. In this way, business becomes a regenerating force for society and for the planet. It is a fast-growing community globally and in Italy.

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Why become a B Corp

  • Differentiate yourself on the market and build trust
  • Create media presence
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Have access to know-how to improve performance and impact
  • Measure your performance compared to other companies
  • Be part of a community of leaders with shared values
  • Save and improve economic results
  • Attract investment
  • Protect the corporate mission
  • Drive change towards a more advanced business paradigm

How to become a B Corp

B Corps measure all their activities through a measurement and certification protocol, B Impact Assessment or BIA, now used by over 70,000 companies worldwide. The BIA is a complete and thorough diagnosis that quickly and effectively identifies all the ways in which a company creates value, and those available to the company to increase its positive impact.


B Corps in Italy

Italy is enthusiastically embracing the B Corp model. This is demonstrated not only by the introduction of the new legal form of Benefit Corporation, or Societa’ Benefit, which makes Italy the first country in the world after the USA, but even more than the large number of companies that are undergoing B Corp certification.