Lead with Purpose

One can be leader in many ways. Those who change the world, however, act with a specific purpose: to create a positive impact for people and for the planet.

Our impact

We believe that humanity today has an extraordinary opportunity to evolve to create lasting and shared prosperity.

We see new ways of working on the horizon. A new economic paradigm, in which business becomes a tool for regenerating nature and contributing to the common good. A future in which consuming is no longer synonymous with destroying.

We want to bring about change in the span of a generation, because now is the time to regain balance with natural systems, while renewing our trust and hope in society.

We know that this evolution will need positive examples, and we believe that Italy can become a model of sustainable innovation, made of courageous companies and visionary people, profoundly interested in our common future. Their steps towards change will guide us all. Those who evolve will become the new leaders.

We act as catalysts for this change to happen.

We put our heart, our energy and our best ideas at the service of those companies that choose to pursue a higher purpose.

We develop new ways of transforming potential into projects, intentions into action and vision into our new, beautiful reality.

Nativa is a Benefit Corporation®

Nativa is the first Benefit Corporation in Europe and the first Certified B Corporation® in Italy. Our purpose is to create a positive impact on society, the biosphere and the economy. We are the country partner of B Lab in Italy.

Nativa is “The Natural Step inside

Nativa incorporates and applies the innovation methodologies of The Natural Step, an international non-profit organisation, a benchmark in the research and implementation of sustainability strategies with leading companies since 1989. We are the licensee of The Natural Step for Italy.

Happiness as a Value

“The ultimate goal of the Company is the happiness of all who are part of it, both founders and others, through a motivating and satisfying commitment to a prosperous economic activity” Statute of Nativa.

Nativa Core Team

Paolo Di Cesare Co-Founder
Eric Ezechieli Co-Founder
Anna Cogo Benefit Unit Officer
Silvia Zanazzi Evolution Guide
Stefano Pieretti Benefit Unit Officer - Nativa Architecture
Samira Tasso Evolution Guide
Francesco Serventi Benefit Unit Officer - New Ventures
Nicolas Schilder B Corp Unit Account
Francesco Pieretti Engineer - Nativa Architecture
Marco Mancini Engineer - Nativa Architecture
Matteo Ghedini Nativa Architecture Account
Maurizio Turatti Nativa Automation
Marco Valerio Ceccotti Nativa Architecture
Dario De Rossi Società Benefit e B Corp Pro
Nicola Piccolo Evolution Guide
Miriam Damiano Responsabile Amministrativa
Letizia Rigazzi Evolution Guide
Valentina Ciurlante Evolution Guide
Caterina Cantoni Evolution Guide
Luca Guarneri Evolution Guide
Guido Ferrari Bravo Evolution Guide
Martina Grossi Junior Evolution Guide
Erica Poietti Nativa Architecture
Giulia Sciarra Office Manager
Bénédicte Peillon Evolution Guide
Francesco Carra Marketing, Media & Communications
Davide Malaguzzi Junior Evolution Guide
Gianandrea Spadoni Junior Evolution Guide