About Us

About Us

Nativa is a prototypical XXI century company. Its purpose is the Evolution of business and society, in order for them to create a positive impact on people and on the planet, thus growing Happiness. Nativa is a pioneer Benefit Corporation™ in Europe, and one of the first in the world.

Nativa’s Focus:

1- Nativa helps companies to incorporate sustainable innovation into their DNA, improve their business results, and create an authentic economic value; Nativa runs The Natural Step Italy business advisory operations.

2- Nativa develops new businesses that ‘by design’ regenerate humans and the biosphere.

Nativa leads Evolution Beyond Growth.


2023 Nativa Lab is founded. The vision of radical innovation in economic paradigms comes to life. Nativa Lab is one of the key players fostering this transformation.

2013-2022 Sowing Evolution: Nativa’s Prototypes take shape, grow and thrive…

2013 Nativa is recognized as a pioneering certified Benefit Corporation™ in Europe.

2012 Nativa is incorporated. Its purpose is the regeneration of society and biosphere, and the pursuit of Happiness. Nativa performs the Natural Step’s strategic advisory activities and their scientific sustainability principles are cast in its DNA.

2011 The Natural Step earns Ashoka Globalizer award, recognizing the world top social entrepreneurs, and innovators.

2009 The Nike innovation model, developed with The Natural Step, redefines the rules of the game in the entire sports shoes, apparel and equipment industry.

2006 The Natural Step (TNS) Italian branch is born. In the following years TNS delivers award-winning projects with municipalities, schools and corporations.

2001 The Interface Model inspires the evolution of thousands of businesses.

1990 IKEA is the first company whose evolution is guided by scientific sustainability principles. During the 90s, The Natural Step leads the corporate world and municipalities towards a regenerative direction.

1989 Founding of The Natural Step in Sweden, by oncologist Karl-Henrik Robèrt, under the patronage of King Carl XVI Gustaf.

1,5 million years B.C. Opposable thumb, the first technology.